3 Famous Vietnamese Tomboys With Cool Fashion Style

3 Famous Vietnamese Tomboys With Cool Fashion Style

Not wearing girly or sexy dresses as other female stars, tomboy Cat Tuong, tomboy Gil Le, tomboy Tien Cookie always choose for them the fashion style with masculinity in Vietnam.

Tomboy Gil Le

When coming to tomboy style, the first one who must be mentioned, is a former member of group named X5. Gil Le generated for her different style that is difficult to confuse with anyone from the early day joining showbiz.

3 famous vietnamese tomboys with cool fashion style - gil le
The first time when Gil Le joined into X Factor

Because of following tomboy style, Gil Le, having real name Le Thanh Truc, quite prefers two tones of black and white. When mixing the costume “all black”, she doesn’t forget accessories with brightly colored necklace to create prominent point.

Gil Le looks cool in tomboy clothes t shirt

She loves white T-shirt and simple designs. Some inseparable accessories of Gil Le may be mentioned as a wristwatch (usually black), black sunglasses, caps, earrings …

This is an impressive set of street style including torn jeans, plaid shirt, sneakers. The costume is not only youthful, dynamic, but also provide comfort to the wearer.


Gil Le‘s stylish and modern street style always catches up with the fashion trend all over the world. Still jeans and a pullover with dominant black tone, but she chose a shirt tied at the waist to create different traits.

These motifs are also items in the list of favorite costumes of Gil Le and she always tries to choose the type of textures that is truly unique, eye-catching. When mixed with the long shape leather jackets and pair of boots, the singer has now a striking outfit.

Gil Le & Chi Pu
Gil Le & Chi Pu

Because of her tomboy style, Gil Le is entangled rumors that have emotional relationship over the friendship with Chi Pu. They not only regularly attend events together in costume named ton-sur-ton but also are caught dating and having intimate gestures. However, they both denied.

With a strong and masculine appearance, , Gil Le has a lovely nickname “the second most handsome guy in showbiz”.

“The guy” with colorful motifs but still masculine.

Gil Le always looks handsome in vest - tomboy clothes
Gil Le always looks handsome in vest

Recently, Gil Le has a chance to be challenged as a model for the first time while attending a fashion show, introduced the collection for men. She made the surprise when appearing on stage in the elegant black suits as a “gentleman”.

Tomboy Cat Tuong Vu

Previously, Cat Tuong Vu was a girly girl with long hair and wore charming skirts. However, when she came to competition named The Voice in 2013, Cat Tuong “changes her look” completely into a new image.

3 famous vietnamese tomboys with cool tomboy fashion style Cat Tuong Vu
Cat Tuong Vu

Fans no longer see Cat Tuong being gentle and shy at the piano. Instead of this, she is the one with strength and masculinity.

When appearing on the music stage, the 9x singer usually combines vest, elegant shirt with varied colors and designs. Sometimes she selects full set of “all white”, but she can creates prominent points by mixing green shirt with a black vest.


Cat Tuong seems to be the one regarding clothing patterns with disfavor, in order to not create a sense of boring for fans, the “Vet mua voice” usually changes her style. Sometimes she refreshes herself on stage with long shape vest or shirt.

This is Cat Tuong’s simple but dynamic street style. Her inseparable accessory is a black watch worn in the left hand. In addition, the author of “Yeu xa” doesn’t like mixing a lot of accessories such as necklaces, bracelets or different hat styles.


She usually mixes simple, comfortable clothes with shorts and plaid shirts.

Following tomboy style as Gil Le, Cat Tuong can’t avoid the rumors of same-sex love, However, before that rumors she still choose the way to respond calmly. She said that she didn’t care much because this thing was out of her control then she will tries all her best for art.


Simple fashion in airport is associated with slip-on and short pant. It is not hard to recognize that her accessories and shoes are usually combined with the minimalist tones.


When mixing items, Cat Tuong also avoids too bright colors.

With a tomboy, leather coats is almost indispensable clothes in wardrobe.

Tomboy Tien Cookie

Another girl is not as “manly” as Gil Le and Cat Tuong. She is the author of series of hit songs such as “Co khi nao roi xa, inh yeu nhau di, Mot chut quen em thoi, so on. This girl takes a lot of fans’ love by having multi talent.

Tien Cookie
Tien Cookie

The fashion style of Tien Cookie is usually a combination of jeans, shirt or simple pullover and not be colorful. When going with Bich Phuong in the event, Tien Cookie always plays the role as “boyfriend”.

The fashion style of Tien Cookie is usually a combination of jeans, shirt or simple pullover and not be colorful. When going with Bich Phuong in the event, Tien Cookie always plays the role as “boyfriend”.


From the hairstyles, outfits to manner of Tien Cookie always contain “masculinity” that makes people easy to think this is a boy, not a girl.


Tien Cookie is next to musician Nguyen Van Chung. Tien Cookie Style is not as flexible as Gil Le’s, elegant as Cat Tuong’s but it still has a bit of dusty and romantic in it.


Dynamic and youthful jean is indispensable in her wardrobe.

Today, the Vietnamese showbiz does not lack the boy stars following unisex fashion style, so the girl star building herself a strong masculine image is also an interesting thing, help them gain impression of the audience.

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