Below Her Mouth (Erika Linder)

Below Her Mouth (Erika Linder)

Amazing lesbian film of tomboy Erika Linder is attact to the lesbian community. Erika Linder joined as an actress in Below Her Mouth.

April Mullen – Canadian actor – director has made the sexiest dramas – Below her mouth – of this year. The movie is about the love between two women, Jasmine (Natalie Krill) and Dallas (Erika Linder). Dallas – a roofer – is just out of her relationship while Jasmine – a fashion editor – has a fiancé Rile (Sebastian Pigott).

Jasmine meet Dallas at the bar when she hangs out with her best friend. It just happened when Dallas hits on Jasmine. Although she turns Dallas down, she cannot stop thinking about Dallas. It’s the matter of time when Dallas keeps follow Jasmine, she cannot prevent her heart feeling for cool, self – assured Dallas. The affair between them begins and it is so fantasy to compare with Jasmine and Rile relationship. However, Jasmine has soon to deal with the reality.

Below her mouth show that love can happen in anyone of us with whoever at any time of our life.

The movie is not only the boldest lesbian drama of the year but also the special one because of its crew – totally women.

Wow, cannot wait to watch.

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