How Much The Advantages Of Being A Tomboy

How Much The Advantages Of Being A Tomboy

Have you ever thought that you are special more than others? Yup! Being a tomboy. It is nothing to do with sexual preference when being a tomboy. Everybody can be heterosexual, homosexual or biosexual. But, remember that it is a style of thought, attitude and fashion when you are a tomboy.

Anh how much the advantages of being a tomboys?

How much the advantages of being a tomboy
Free style is free life

The most important thing that you’re always comfortable!

Definitely you’re never belong to high shoes, tight and stupid unconfortable clothes. In the other hands, sneakers, jeans, t-shirt are what makes you happier.

Make-up are flash things for you

You’re never mind and feel freedom when you do not have to spend hours masking your natural face. You have a lot of time to do whatever you like. You can stay with your lover, you can try to do your dream, etc.

You are in real. Drama is a stupid thing for your life

You can save yourself from any talkative female friends. Their issues are really not matter to you. Your concept is quite different to other girls.

You experience things that ordinary women not!

The accessories do not invade your space. You look cool with sports of all kinds, short hair, boy clothing and sneakers. Tomboy style is the perfect of your life

Remember the most important point – be yourself as your real!

Female are always following the stereotypes. It is a disaster that a tomboy has to follow the rules and appear as a princess. You should know that the female and male side boundaries is disappeared. No one can teach you living their life. Just be yourself!


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