How To Be A Cool Tomboy?

How To Be A Cool Tomboy?

It has been a long time since the tomboy trend was introduced into many countries. However, it is becoming popular which is now seen in a different perspective. The reason is the fact that not many girls do have enough courage to change as well as her first try for a completely different style.

You feel like you are incarcerated by the chains of femininity, don’t you?

You feel like you are wasting time for the selection of clothes, mirror, makeup, don’t you?

how to be a cool tomboy - Being a cool tomboy
Being a cool tomboy

There aren’t many girls who always want to be gorgeous, magnificent and glorious! Sometimes they just want to be a boy – it’s simple.

Becoming a tomboy is not that hard! But the most important thing to be a real tomboy: Be a strong girl with personality!

1. Avoid soft colors: especially pink – a girly color

However, if you know how to mix and match colors with accessories, that soft color can become the tomboy style. (E.g: neutral colors such as black, white, write, etc + blue, green, yellow, red, etc)

2. Be physically active, especially in sports, and keep doing earnestly

Tomboys never sit in a place chatting with friends or absent themselves from physical education at school due to “sedentary”. Let’s be a tomboy active in physical activities. Maybe you are not strong as other boys (actually you are real girl) but please do not be like a too girly lady.

3. Choosing the clothes easy to move, you can simply take part in physical activities when needed

It’s okay to choose Jeans, T-shirt, simple shirts or baggy khaki pants (it’s important to dress loose clothes for easy movement) matching with sneakers, etc

High heels, skirts, and dresses are things absolutely you should not try.

4. Be familiar with the habits and life of a boy: the burp and the body smells of the people around you. You have to get accustomed to the male hormone of the groups of people that are not always in favor of hygiene and decency

If you are a tomboy, you’ll close the distance between you and the other boys more easily than the other girls will. That is because you have a lot in common with real boys. However, please be respectful and absolutely do not follow it.

5. Learn how to speak. Do not reveal too much emotion or speak with too high voice pitch. You should lower your clear and melodious voice pitch that always belongs to girls. So, please find the appropriate volume, and remember that mumbling is not acceptable

Be confident and avoid swearing because it does not mean you’re a tomboy, it will even lower your value.

6. You can still make friends with the girls who absolutely love shopping and lipsticks, but you should not become one of them.

7. Be grateful that you are one of the boys and they will accept you more easily than the ladies they teased.

8. Observe the body language and how to walk by men. This is very important. They do not place hands on their hips or take small steps, they use shoulders and very long steps forward.

9. Run as much as possible. You don’t want to be left behind in the dust when racing against your friends, do you? They may be completely surprised to be overtaken by you.

10. Do not be afraid of dirt as well as grass stains sticking to jeans or entangling in your shoes. That kind of person is truly a tomboy.

11. Make the first impression to others: you are not willowy, you are a strong tomboy in your behavior, personality, own opinions & sometimes a little bit cold.

Tips to be a cool tomboys

Tips to be a cool tomboy
Tips to be a cool tomboy

+ You should always scrape your hair back into a ponytail or keep your hair short to not stick when you sweat. If you don’t want a hair tie, you should hold your hair a little bit straight. Remember to take care of your hair, even with the coldest boys. Do not forget to shampoo when necessary and comb it every day, and do not use too many hair products. You should make sure your hands don’t touch your hair regularly. Long hair does not mean you’re a lady. If you want a hair cut, do not get it too short unless it’s right for you. Having hair trimmed is good, because this type of hair care is more convenient if you have thick hair. This style is quite nice when you have your hair in a ponytail but it isn’t too girly.

+ Do not pay attention to makeup or nail polish color except for your feeling like them. You do not need sport to please others, and you also do not need to look like a killer to be strong.

+ Do not let the bully or any other people hector you. You had better learn to deal with it without screaming, crying or appearing silly.

+ Go outside to absorb nature. Do not be afraid of spiders, insects, or other similar insects. If there is a lady shouting because of a beetle, please pick it up and put it aside.

+ Do not be afraid of performing your art aspect.

+ Sometimes you can appear nicely.

+ The tomboys I knew do not care what others think about them. If you live just to please others and receive compliments, then do not become a tomboy.

+ Be natural with yourself.

+ Avoid too dark makeup.

+ Never carry jewelry or things like that.

+ The ladies usually love feathery vests and knee-length socks with stripes. These things should be absolutely avoid. Do not ever wear them again!

+ Do not always hold your cell phone 24/7.


+ Do not be too focused on becoming a tomboy to remember yourself. You can still make up and wear nice clothes and you can also be “a man among boys”.

+ Do not try exaggeratedly to be a tomboy. If you always say things like “I hate lady” and then change, you will be very bad in people’s eyes and no one wants to play with you. So, remember to make changes slowly and behave as your feelings. Also, if you feel comfortable in being a tomboy, you will not have a problem with people who want to become a lady. Everyone should remain true to themselves, and if you do not like lady, do not ever point at their faces and say you hate them because they are ladies.

+ Being a tomboy does not mean you have to forget about taking care of your personal hygiene, but you do not need to spend hours in the bathroom every morning. Taking a shower at least once a day is okay.

+ This can be a difficult lifestyle. You will face with other lady tease. Please ignore or give a witty response.

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