How To Mix And Match Items For Cool Tomboy

How To Mix And Match Items For Cool Tomboy

In modern society, tomboy style becomes a new fashion trend with new and unique designs. The guys with personality, who want to get rid of “softness” which is for the ladies, or sometimes want to rebel to make life less boring, has lovingly chosen Tomboy fashion as a special look.

Tomboy style appeared during the 1920s in the Western countries. It was seen as the ladies wearing jeans, wide trousers, men’s shirts … to demonstrate strength and the upsurge of feminism.

How To Mix And Match Items For Cool Tomboy

Many girls are in favor of menswear style. However, it is not easy to mix and match in this style. Let’s learn how to pick an outfit from the photos below to be the coolest tomboy!

Mixing in tomboy style is not fussy. Sometimes you just need a large shirt, skinny pants, or trousers… then you can become a strong guy with masculinity.

The tomboy guys always appear with a special and unmistakable appearance. They always know how to mix their clothes so as to reflect their own youthful, dynamic and strong personality.

how to mix and match items for cool tomboy brittenelle fredericks

Dark colors with some eye-catching colorful items make you stand out more than ever.

Black, grey, brown are usually the primary colors used in Tomboy style . But a tomboy can also wear colorful outfits as well.

However, with a little creativity, we can mix and match many cool outfits for a tomboy.

Mix pullover & shirts

Pullover and plaid shirt make your own personality.

T-shirts mixing with torn jeans is a simple mix which provides a high effect for your young style

Mix pullover & blazer

This outfit combination is not too old but it makes the wearer more elegant and polite.

Combining white pullover and a black blazer together makes you extremely outstanding

A small tip to increase and personality to your look is to add a blazer jacket outside because it is always a symbol of elegance and masculine of men.

Mix pull & shirt &  jeans

Tomboy is now the prevailing fashion trends that attracts the strong guys with personality or who want to make a “breakthrough”.

Denims and leather blazer are always the number 1 choices for a tomboy.

For torn jeans, although it is not too hard to mix items, it seems not to match the guys having short legs and fat thighs.

Tomboy style is usually made from raw materials which are commonly for men such as leather, jeans, khaki, wool or varied and unique patterns.

Denim shirt or leather jacket is one of the very stylish items for you

Simple but stylish

An outfit with leather jacket reflects your strong personality

These denim vests express the cool style although you mix them extremely simply with plain pullover, shorts and canvas shoes…

If the sweet girls love dresses, accessories, the tomboys choose their own outfits like trousers, torn jeans, T-shirt, plaid shirts or accessories such as sports shoes, slip-ons…

Chelsea boots with leather shorts or denims is also the perfect combination

Youthful and dynamic overalls are really nice and fit girls with slim body.

There are always available ways of mixing basic items. You just need basic rules and tips to combine your items together to become a perfectly cool tomboy!

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